This website is dedicated to the one and only Country Dick Montana.

On November 8, 1995, a true "one of a kind" legend was lost doing what he loved most - playing music in front of a live crowd. As one of the leaders of the Beat Farmers, a band known for its raucous live performances, he carved a path into the heart of every fan that ever witnessed their shows. While the incarnation of the Beat Farmers will never be duplicated again, we can still enjoy the legacy of music and fun that he and the band left behind. This site is dedicated to the everyday dirtbag. To all my fellow maggots, I salute you!

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The Annual Beat Farmers Hootenanny is held every January at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA so stay tuned for details and announcements.

ATTENTION Beat Farmer fans- "Tales of the New West" has been remastered and will be released April 2, 2021. This release will be a 2 CD release and include the long out of print "Live At The Spring Valley Inn 1983" along with a 24 page booklet of smut, filth and garbage….among other things.

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Stay tuned for the vinyl release which will take place in May 7, 2021 (pre-order here). That is all maggots now get back to your miserable lives…….and pre-order the vinyl now!
Are you only looking for the Live at the Spring Valley Inn, 1983 release on mp3?
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The Beat Farmers “Heading North - Live in Bremen, Germany, 1988” was released Dec. 16, 2016
Recorded in concert at Modernes, Bremen, May 29, 1988 (sourced from Radio Bremen)

Track list: Bigger Stones, Big Big Man, Lucille, Happy Boy, Rosie, Dark Light, Texas, Blue Chevrolet, Beat Generation, I Want You Too, Hollywood Hills, Never Goin’ Back, God Is Here Tonight, Riverside, Deceiver, Key To The World, California Kid, Led Zeppelin Medley, You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover

Lineup: Joey Harris (vocals, electric guitar, kazoo), Jerry Raney (vocals, electric guitar, harmonica), Country Dick Montana (vocals, drums, accordion), Rolle Love (electric bass).

The Beat Farmers “Heading North - Live in Bremen, Germany, 1988” can be found on eBay as well

On November 8, 1995, the world lost the one and only Country Dick Montana

While time marches on, we will never forget the musical genius that was Country Dick Montana.

There have been several tributes on the internet and a few of them are linked here:

Tribute article in the San Diego Troubadour

Tim Parsons of
Tahoe Onstage has put together the definitive history of Country Dick and it is found here.

Do not forget to get a copy of the DVD ”PAY UP CHEATERS- The Story of The Beat Farmers".
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No Dick since 1995 is far too long……….fortunately the music and spirit of Country Dick lives on! A eulogy from 20 years ago is found

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