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ATTENTION Beat Farmer fans- "Tales of the New West" has been remastered and was released on April 2, 2021. This release has 2 CDs - the original Tales + the long out of print "Live At The Spring Valley Inn 1983" along with a 24 page booklet of smut, filth and garbage….among other things.

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The vinyl was released May 7, 2021 (pre-order here). That is all maggots now get back to your miserable lives…….and order the vinyl now!
Just looking only for Live at the Spring Valley Inn, 1983? You can get it on mp3 now.
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Tales Of The New West
(original release)

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Van Go

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The Pursuit Of Happiness

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Poor And Famous

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Live, Loud, & Plowed

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The Best Of

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Viking Lullabys

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Live at the Spring Valley Inn

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Tales Of the New West expanded limited edition
(NOTE: only 5,000 produced). Includes Glad 'N Greasy and others. 28 tracks total.

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Heading North
(live Germany)

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Glad 'N' Greasy